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I’ve always been drawn to various forms of the media arts, photography, abstract and textured artwork, urban signage, street photography – and all things nature…  Anything that catches the eye, captures my interest….

I understand the dilemma….your pictures will never reach their full potential fiddling around with preset filters or sitting on a memory stick. Let me help! I will transform the images that you think have the potential to be a great, or more importantly, the images that YOU love, into ones that truly are….

I am certified in digital imaging and can turn your special images into something unique for you to cherish….

I graduated from a 3 year diploma in Digital Imaging in 2011.  I’ve also graduated from a 3-year Advertising and Communications Media program in 1999.  In addition to this, I’ve taken html coding, a number of photography courses, as well as various print, web, and graphic design courses along the way.  Needless to say, it is my lifes’ work and enjoyment!

I also offer local outdoor family photography/portraits at a very reasonable rate

Please contact me with any inquiries

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